Concrete Association of Wyoming
Concrete Association of Wyoming
Wyoming Concrete

Wyoming Concrete Association

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GCC of America
Jeff Waters
600 S. Cherry Street. Suite 1000 10th Floor
Glendale, CO  80246-1796
Phone: 701-720-3838
Cell: 701-720-3838
Membership: Regular Member B
Steve Ambrose, Vice President of Sales
Joe Finnegan, Regional Sales Manager

Manufacturers of Portland cement products, API oil well cements, distributor of Class F Fly Ash.
Serving customers from cement plants in Rapid City, SD, Pueblo, CO and Tijeras, NM.
Our customer service is available at 1-800-Call GCC

GCP Applied Technologies
Kevin Kane
270 Slyverston Place
Highland Ranch, CO  80219
Phone: 303-699-8324
Cell: 720-878-4075
Membership: Regular Member B
Fred Festa, President
Hudson LaForce, Senior Vice President
Kevin Kane, Regional Account Manager

Ready-Mix, Precast, Block and every industry that uses cement in there production process.


Concrete in Wyoming